Friday, September 13, 2013

a very straightforward moodboard, including nyfw looks

Opening Ceremony
spring 2014 rtw, look 30

I started out putting together some photos, snippets and looks that have been on my mind for some time and then realized that for the overall picture of what I'm feeling, I need to post some nyfw. Highlights: neoprene, clear (but not pvc clear) overlaying materials,  minimalism, crops, words. also note the shoes on the last photo. those have been on the streets for quite a while - on ebay cheap versions are being sold for about $20. DKNY and Jeremy Scott have also been inspired from the streets (or the webz - is there a difference?), I'll post my favorite DKNY looks soon, but will ignore JS.. if you have a tumblr, you've probably already seen the jokesters collection already. It wasn't very new to me, still a neon tumblr aesthetic, still stealing indie artists work (shout out to Nikki Lipstick).

Spring 2014 rtw VFiles,
 ammerman schlösberg, look 37

Unknown. (image source)

The whole concept of trends occuring all over the place and being either appropriated, or created by more than one person by coincidence is a very curious subject to me. I've already mentioned the Luscher color test on my blog, and it is absolutely astounding how something as silly as color preferences really can say something about us and affect us in a way we cannot quite express with words. I've been putting together a design concept for a sweatshirt recently, and then a few weeks later I stumbled upon a piece of Ann Sofie Black that had an almost identical design to what I was carrying out. This summer I was struggling with expressing my gender identity through my clothes, and finally came up with a look I wanted to strive for - a few weeks ago I saw Bebe Zeva wearing that look on her instagram. 

UEG (link)
Neptune Cadet Dress. Found on FTBH, I'm using this boring model photo instead of the blogger photographs (check them out in google) because i think this dress calls for a minimalistic and industrial look
Céline knockoff, from FTBH march 2013
opening ceremony some time back, look5, too lazy to find the year (sorry)

Eckhaus Latta, source
Alexander Wang (link)

xanderzhoun aw13, image source

Spring 2014 rtw VFiles, Gypsy Sport, look 32

Spring 2014 rtw VFiles, Steve Tai, look 20
mm6 maison martin margiela, spring 2014 rtw, look 2
mm6 maison martin margiela, spring 2014 rtw, look 12

Perhaps not only colors can determine our inner state, perhaps shapes, cultural and historical significance, trendiness, touch, cut, stitching etc etc etc are all a big part of who we are and what we feel.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

i'm alive, wanna watch a movie about amphetamines?

oops. sorry for the completely uncalled for hiatus.
blogspot kind of freaks me out because i feel so pressured to Make Good Posts. what even is a good post? just this february i thought it was using uppercase letters when needed, taking HQ photos of clothes and lipstick, keeping everything in a neat and clean category of 'outfit' or 'fashion' or 'thoughts...'. i don't even know now.

here's a brief summary of some stuff that happened while i was away:
i moved to north california, because in los angeles i got depressed and lonely. being in the valley was quite therapeutic, and i'm planning to go back to LA soon. i started a feminist blog, it's in russian - . also did some personal life improvements. visited moscow and london. i feel like my russian blog gave me a lot of self - confidence. i suppose it's popular because on the russian webz there isn't much competition, and not because it's oh - so - great. the western web is still a mystery to me, it feels like much self promotion and careful branding is needed (which i have always been to lazy for) rather than actual unique content. i know tons of ~popular personas that don't have all that much to give other than their own personal brand. and there's nothing wrong with that, branding yourself is also an art, i suppose...

i started my russian blog because i was afraid of becoming interesting to many without having anything to actually offer. i felt like feminism is something they all lack (and it's so very true) and i was surprised at how much people started investing in me and that blog. but it's starting to feel like i'm not doing anything again... i've taken a break from that blog (it's been a week now) and especially answering questions on (which is the most draining thing i have ever done. this is why i will never become a therapist although i could. sigh). i feel like i'm explaining extremely basic things. slut-shame, straw feminist tropes, appropriation, just re-affirming that sexism exists... i think that the most difficult part is the interaction with people. on vk having a feminist blogs with open commenting would be a death wish, so i have an which has over 1200 questions in it right now. i don't really believe that i will ever go through all of them.

with this kind of pressure and attention i find it difficult to stop writing about simplistic things, such as the abc's of feminism or just general talking about clothing and style. i have a need for more academic thinking, but i don't have many places to learn about it, and i don't feel educated enough to change the direction of my writing from simplistic to complex. i don't feel like my audience is educated enough, either - every time i make a post that's not about something like GENDER ROLES ARE WRONG it gets much less attention than the ones i actually put effort into, researched information for and translated english-only materials for. of course. i know better than to complain - if i keep at it, i will eventually find my audience. but i suppose change is scary. i never thought i was afraid of change, but i am - particularly when it's accompanied with lack of security.

i don't know if i'm going to keep posting on here or not, i sometimes make outfit posts on my tumblr -

i don't really like posting too much text on my tumblr. am i overthinking my web presence? i think i am. oops.

oh, also, in the title of this post i mentioned a movie. it's called "spun". it has jason schwartzman (the kid from all of those wes anderson movies), mena suvari (the girl from american beauty, but not thora birch), debbie harry and billy corgan... but billy only for a moment. here's his scene (no spoilers, not really)

it's a good film. watch it!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Images: men in dresses (n stuff)

Photos that didn't come to mind or sight when I was working on my related post from last month.

Mykki Blanco
Miss Blanco
Christopher Schenk with a groovy pompadour shot by Anselm Woesler
Feminine identities by Laurence Philomène
baby Ezra
Steve Buscemi <3
Kanye and A$AP Rocky.

Moscow "street fashion"

I found this photo in my laptop's archives. Enjoy.

Russia can be way too strange sometimes. I was walking from the Prazhskaya station and saw this in front of a shoe store. I was too confused to think anything, so I just took a picture, hoping that maybe later I’ll be able to make sense of it. Nope. Still no idea what's going on.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reviews & Swatches : OCC Anime Lip Tar and Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sexpot

Since I've moved, I've been trying to build up a make-up collection from null, and I'm excited to be testing out the US market - a lot of brands are completely new to me (although I act as if I know everything about them because I read through pages of reviews). 
I've decided to try out posting some swatches of what I've lately purchased from Sephora just for some practice - tell me what you think!

Left: Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sexpot. Right: bare lip
My lips aren't exactly bare on the right, I'm wearing Lip Insurance (a primer) underneath. I have it because I bought this set, I was interested in getting an eyelid primer at first but then decided to try out a handful of products at once, just to check them out. I'm quite happy with the purchase, however some products I like less than the others and I don't think I can return them without returning the nice ones..

On the gloss: I wear it ALL THE TIME. Whenever I feel like a lipstick is going to be too high-maintenance and a nude lip is just too, well, bare - I put some of this on. I'm not really a lipgloss kind of person, I think it's messy and sticky and I always think of all the vanilla-scented goop that little girls would proudly wear in middle school. But this product is definitely nothing like those memories! It applies smoothly and has a nice texture - it's a little bit sticky, but it won't make your hair stick to it if it's windy out!

The gloss has a nice soft vanilla scent to it, but the most important part is that it has a little bit of lip plump in the ingredients! When applied, you get this cooling tingly sensation - it's much nicer than normal limp plumps (burning sensations aren't for me!!). I think I mostly got hooked on this product because of the light tingle - it's like a small lip massage :)
Left: OCC Lip Tar in Anime. Right: Bare lip and hair. (It's actually a bare lip this time.)
Here you can actually see what the primer is all about - my lips look a lot smoother with it on! In this photo I applied the tiniest amount of lip tar. I think I just wiped the brush on the inside of the cap and that was enough!

Anime Lip Tar with Glamour Gloss layered on top.
Here I used a bit more product than necessary - you can spot it feathering a bit. Also since I layered lip gloss over it (which had no effect on the color, I must say) the lip tar is moving around a bit - you can see that the color isn't 600% even (but no one really looks at your lips this closely, they look good from a natural distance). I think this look is the most plump looking look I've ever done in one color!

Here I made a video of myself trying to eat off this look :) I think it's a really long-wearing combo. Anyway, some info on lip tars if you don't know much about them:

  • They are a liquid lipstick type of product with a satin finish
  • They risk to feather, so a lip liner/primer is a good idea
  • They will leave marks on coffee cups etc
  • If something is wrong with the products it's usually due to the distribution in the packaging - try pushing around the product inside the tube.

And some personal tips: If you're ordering online (which you probably are) use either the Sephora website (you'll get beauty insider points) or Amazon. On Amazon a lot of the listings have $1 shipping while on p&p are about $5. 
Also - the clear plastic pouch isn't really that useful - it gets messy quickly if you don't always clean the brush. I really like the occ brush but when I go out I carry a retractable lip brush and a tube of lip tar - I suppose there's a risk of it leaking all over my bag/pockets, but I keep the cap twisted firmly so I'm not too freaked out about it.

Hope you've enjoyed, feel free to leave questions and suggestions!